Day 2, well spanked

My day began with a sore bottom.  I was still feeling last night’s long spanking and my 30 with the paddle.  He added 5 with the switch for good measure.  I had to submit to my morning spanking still feeling the night before.  No warm up needed, just three minutes, his hand and my bare ass.

While I was still over his lap, I was given my list for the day.

Whatever loads are lurking around the house to be washed, etc.

the eat-in half of the kitchen reorganized and cleaned up.  We are having company at the end of the week and this house is not up to standards.  this should help, setting microgoals.  This is of course, in addition to getting the kitchen half cleaner.

Laundry penalties are standard.

The kitchen is worth 25 a half.  with an extra 5 with the belt if there are any dishes not put away before bed.  (I have a bad habit of washing (anything really) and not putting away.  Leave it to dry and forget about it til I need it)

With the ultimate deadline looming and more to be done tomorrow, he is not going easy on me for not getting stuff done today, or compensating for my now daily spanking.  If I have left overs there will be the belt tomorrow instead of the paddle. period.  No lessening of penalties, just the substitution of the belt.  I have no intention of letting this escalate to the switch.


Not shaping up to be my month

I got the laundry finished and took care of the chores I needed to.  Still getting my 30 reminders but… I discovered something today that I had to confess to and will end up costing my ass as much as my pride and purse.  In short, I forgot to do something very important.  More important than laundry or dishes or any of the other myriad little things that I have to do to keep this house running smoothly.  I forgot to complete annual paperwork on an income source.

Every year I have to refile this report so that I might continue to receive my check.  I was supposed to have done this last month and I have no idea how I missed the paperwork request, much less forgot to file it.  This is a significant chunk of our monthly budget.

I have filed the papers but it may take some time to go through and the check to be cut.  Until such time, regardless of chores done or undone, I will be receiving a daily spanking in the morning.  No designated strokes or instrument, just over the knee, bottom bared and his hand (or other instrument if he gets sore before he thinks I’m done) until he’s satisfied.  I’m still to get everything else done, and receive the appropriate punishment for failure ON TOP of the daily.  And, every night before bed, I am to be waiting for him, bent over the foot of the bed, gown up, panties just below my cheeks and the belt beside me for ten strokes.

The belt he prefers isn’t one he usually wears.  It’s not one you have to fold over or one of the modern, department store belts that are thicker in the middle and leave nasty welts.  It’s an old, Western, leather number that’s well worn and acts more like a strap than a belt.  he doesn’t double it over, just wraps the excess around his hand and swings away.  It only gets trotted out when really needed and we both agree it’s warranted.  Though if it gets to be too much then we’ll discuss cutting it back to once a week.  (that might end up increasing the strokes though)

This punishment is to continue until the situation is sorted out and we have the check in hand.  Which means waiting on the mail as well, so I can almost guarantee at least a week of this.  I am dreading it, but I deserve it and more.  He is deeply disappointed and worried about our finances because of this.  I can expect a very sore bottom.

Once I am done here, I am going to the bedroom to submit to the first round.  Panty warming of course, followed by a sound hand spanking on my bare bottom, probably until I cannot stand any more.  I expect to be over his knee more than five minutes, possibly as much as ten, as he is very upset.  Then I will have to fetch the paddle, bend over the table, rebare my own bottom and submit to 30 with that thin, wicked wood.  What’s worse, is I do not expect to be allowed any sexual relief afterwards.


Yesterday, I was to have washed, folded and put away 3 loads.


Even AFTER getting sorely paddled for EVERY little thing that had gone wrong the day before, I flaked.  I got all three loads into the wash, 2 of them dried and none of them folded or put away.  My weekends are crazy, and I have other responsibilities on them, so I now have to try to fit these loads in.  Granted, the punishment for not doing will be lighter, due to these responsibilities, but my bottom will still be quite sore come Monday morning, more so if I do not.  It was my responsibility after all and I should have thought of that yesterday.

Since the load not dried was only half done, I’ll get 3 for that one.  15 for 3 unfolded loads, 30 for 3 unput away loads, totaling 48.  By the rules I should get 48 this morning, 24 tonight before bed as a reminder, and tomorrow morning whatever was left undone plus 3 with the switch, with half of the morning’s reminder at bed, repeating the following day with 6 switch if I fail to get it done again.  However, due to this weekend nonsense, Monday morning, I will submit to a panty warming, followed by a sound OTK, bare bottom hand spanking, length to be determined.  This will be followed by 60 with either the paddle or the hairbrush or both.  I’m still getting my switching, 8 at this point unless I actually get the work done, but I will have to cut a new one and bend over the table for those, preferably surrounded by stacks of freshly folded towels as a reminder.  After which I will put them away, bottom on display.  That evening will conclude with 30 with the brush after preliminaries.  We’ll see if I can cut any of that down by actually getting stuff done.

Sitting on Monday is going to be twitchy.


Well, Like I said in my first post, these would be sporatic.  This time it was because I came down with the ‘plague’ that’s been going around.  Mostly because the trees are attacking us.  It feels like the flu but it’s really allergies, only if you don’t treat it like an allergy, it’ll slam you with bronchitis or pneumonia.  I got off easy.  But recovery was long.

A lot got left undone because of it.  I’ve been having it easy, no lists yet, just a ‘do what you can’.  and strict orders not to over do it.

Yesterday I managed to get some laundry done.  Even got everything foldable folded, but then I kinda wore out and went to rest for a bit.  I got distracted, started doing something else (less important) when I was refreshed so when we get to bed, there’s a stack of towels and stuff to be hung up… again.  (some of the hanging was left over from when I got sick)  Needless to say I’m in trouble.

House is empty this afternoon.  Nothing to save me.  I will be bending over the table for my first thirty in weeks.  Naturally, there will be a hand spanking first.  Panty warming, to a light pink, panties down, spanking until done.  Then I have to rebare myself, bend over the table and receive 30 with the paddle.  If I don’t manage to get these hung up, there will be 5 with the switch on top of that, and may trade the paddle for the belt.

Wish me luck.

3/21/13 Followup

What Was Expected of  Today:

Chore                       Punishment for Failure .

3 done, 2 left    Laundry washed        5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

3 done, 2 left    Laundry folded          5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

3 done, 3 left    Laundry put away      5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

done                 Microwave cleaned    10 swats paddle or hairbrush

done                 Dishes run (yes again)    5 swats paddle or hairbrush

done                  Dishes put away        10 swats paddle or hairbrush

done                  Bedroom floor cleaned & swept    10 swats paddle or hairbrush

Not too bad.  I have no real excuse for not finishing the laundry other than losing interest.  Fault one: I deserve the 30 swats for that.  Left some clothes hanging on the bedframe instead of putting them in the closet.  Those I simply overlooked and forgot.  Though I did get an extra thing done not on the list, and that was to sweep and clean the living room, so maybe I can escape the  extra 5.

No such luck.  While I have been praised for initiative, I am still to be punished for allowing myself to get distracted.

Tonight: panty warming, always the panty warming, the warning, the prep.  I don’t think I like skipping it.  Then over the bed.  I will lower my panties myself for thirty five with the hairbrush, followed by the ten I owe for yesterday with the paddle (it’s a wickedly thin thing, like a double-wide paint stirrer, a real stinger) to be finished with 6 from the switch.

I have been informed that tomorrow I will receive my reminder early, 18 with the paddle on my bared bottom followed by 3 with the switch.  If I fail to finish this time, I will receive the belt instead of the paddle or hairbrush and 9 with the switch after a very thorough morning spanking just because I apparently need it.

I go now to my punishment, willing and in dread, bottom already tingling.  It’s light compared to what it could be and will be tomorrow if I don’t get on track.

3/21/13 Post punishment and new expectations

Post-Spanking Report

 I sit here, immediately post-spanking. My skirt is tucked into my waistband where it will stay for the remainder of the day until my chores are done. (or not done and I’m out of time.) My panties are where they were for the spanking, just under my cheeks, framing the paddled area nicely, serving as constant reminder of my vulnerability and error. The fabric of my chair is rough, and so further reminds me of what I have done and I know that I deserved it and more.

There are things the must be done in the mornings that have nothing to do with this life or its intent. They are just that, Life. Once they are out of the way, the other begins. I was put over the knee for a two minute panty warming, light and swift. Then I was required to lower them myself just below my cheeks for the sound hand spanking I had been promised on my freshly pink and bared bottom for letting the laundry get so far behind in the first place. I am fairly red and very warm and it seemed it was going to go on forever. I was good, and I did not fight it, though I confess  I squirmed a little.

I made breakfast and cleared the table and just before he left for work I was upended over the table, skirt up and panties down again for the 20 with the paddle I thought he had forgotten for not cleaning the microwave or putting the dishes away on Tuesday. (truthfully, I had forgotten myself)  Those stung on my already reddened bottom. I have been warned that if I forget them again today, there will be 6 with the switch, not 3.

Whether or not I complete my chores tonight, I know that I will receive the same punishment again, halved, as a reminder. 10 swats, likely with the hairbrush, bare bottomed, after an appropriate panty warming, and 3 with the switch regardless. I hate the switch, as he likes the thighs for that.


Expected today:

 Chore Punishment for Failure

Laundry washed                       5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

Laundry folded                         5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

Laundry put away                     5 swats paddle or hairbrush per load

Microwave cleaned                 10 swats paddle or hairbrush

Dishes run (yes again)             5 swats paddle or hairbrush

Dishes put away                     10 swats paddle or hairbrush

Bedroom floor cleaned and swept     10 swats paddle or hairbrush


Everything I left undone plus a little more. Also, I got an extra 5 per cheek with the hairbrush because I left the switch clippers out of their drawer and had to hunt them down. I am required to cut my switch the morning of my punishment so I have to look at it all day, dreading it’s sting. It’s nothing like a cane, not even the thickness of a child’s pinky finger at the base, but it’s long and whippy and stings like hell and something I strive to avoid.

So, once I am done with my ‘corner time’ (posting here) I am to set to work. I am determined to have this done so that I only get my 10 swat reminder and the 3 switches for taking so long.